Deskripsikan rumah adat gorontalo menggunakan bahasa inggris?

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Deskripsikan rumah adat gorontalo menggunakan bahasa inggris?

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Dolohupa name means dolohupa consensus , which means a place for deliberation. but this time dolohupa used for weddings . The building of this house has a distinctive building which can be called a Traditional house. Dulohupa which is the home stage is the form of Gorontalo public awareness of that era saw that the environmental conditions that are often flooded so built houses on stilts that Dulohupa custom home . On the roof a distinctive form of society Gorontalo made ​​of straw choice . Inside the house there are equipment for the marriage ceremony , wedding and other valuables . In addition, at the rear of the house there is a bridge that used to be a place for kings and courtiers to relax and unwind . House ( stage) customary Dulohupa has another peculiarity that is in front of both sides there are stairs called Tolitihu ..

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